THE NAME OF THE ROSE wins primetime in Italy

The premiere on Raiuno on March 4th drew record ratings with 6.5 million viewers and 27.5% market share

"The production from Italy and Germany … is a refreshing alternative to other trending series. With its medieval story the thriller is not only deliciously exotic but also relevant. A big success for director Giacomo Battiato, who delivers impressing pictures."


"The visual medieval references are in line with most current interpretations of historical series like Game of Thrones." Le Temps


"John Turturro is amazing and Rupert Everett as cruel and bearded inquisitor is unbelievable." Le Monde


"The first episode of the series is able to keep up with the movie, which was a box office hit." Il Sole 24 Ore


"The cinematography is spectacular. The script, written by Andrea Porporati and Nigel Williams, convinces as much as the cast including Rupert Everett, Damian Hardung and Fabrizio Bentivoglio [and many more]." Urbanpost


"A new adaptation with international flair"


"The Name of the Rose: A historical thriller – intense and full of mystery" Sur nos écrans