TM International continues successful business relationship with MTG

The Ruby Red Trilogy

The deals include hit series FLASHPOINT and HUBERT & STALLER as well as all feature films of the RUBY RED TRILOGY, the romantic miniseries of the PILCHER COLLECTION and popular blockbusters such as UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, TERMINATOR 2, RAMBO I-III, BASIC INSTINCT and TOTAL RECALL

TM International continues its successful longterm business relationship with the international digital entertainment group MTG. Concorde Media, the Vienna-based sales agent of TM International, has recently secured a deal with its partner MTG comprising TV and VOD rights to a variety of successful titles for Bulgaria, following a previous deal for Latvia and Lithuania.

The deals include the action-packed hit series FLASHPOINT for Bulgaria, a package of famous blockbusters and action classics like UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, TERMINATOR 2, RAMBO I-III, BASIC INSTINCT, TOTAL RECALL and many more. The highly successful German crime procedural HUBERT & STALLER went to Lithuania and has conquered the whole Baltic region by now. The sixth season of HUBERT & STALLER premiered on Germany’s nationwide public network ARD on March 22 and continues to be a great success. The series achieves an average of 2 million viewers overall per episode, which corresponds to a market share of approximately 9 %. Concorde Media also sold the entire PILCHER COLLECTION to Lithuania, comprising 11 romantic miniseries and two TV movies, all of them featuring an international star-studded cast. In addition, the big screen adaptations based on the highly popular bestselling teen novels known as THE RUBY RED TRILOGY will be available in Bulgaria, Latvia (MTG TV) and Lithuania (TV3) soon.