TM International sells NEANDERTHALS to Mediaset España

The four-hour series has been commissioned by German free-TV network RTL II and TMG

Extinct for 40,000 years, Neanderthal DNA is discovered at a crime scene. That's the starting point for the new RTL II and Tele München Group (TMG) fiction production NEANDERTHALS. Mediaset España has acquired the free TV rights for the Spanish market.

The hunt for a brutal mass murderer takes a bizarre twist when the DNA-results shows that the killers are not human.  A young police pathologist (Natalia Belitski) in charge, teams up with the paleontologist Adam Novak (Bernd-Christian Althoff) and discover that the DNA belongs to two live Neanderthals escaped from an undercover laboratory. Their shocking realisation plunges them into an international conspiracy and a desperate race against time where what is at stake is not only their lives but the future of the human race…

NEANDERTHALS was commissioned by RTL II and Tele München Group (TMG). Producers are Ivo-Alexander Beck (Ninety-Minute Film, “Rex: A Cop’s Best Friend", "Barefoot to the Neck”) and Nikolaus Krämer (Atlantic Crossing Entertainment, "Dresden", "Vulcano", "Bermuda Triangle North Sea"), who, together with Matthias Dinter ("Einstein", "Sex and More", "Tatort"), also wrote the scripts. Direction is by Peter Gersina, who enjoyed great success with, amongst others, the series "Der Lehrer".

Giannina Antola, TM International’s Head of Sales: "The suspense and intriguing aspects of Neanderthals have a global appeal …we live in an age where the genomes of extinct species can be sequenced and genetic rescue isn’t far off becoming a reality….this exciting mini-series has humans pitted against Neanderthals in a fast-paced action-drama…we have already had a lot of interest and are thrilled to announce our first sale to Mediaset España ….we are very proud of the experienced talent behind this series who count a slew of international successes under their respective belts."